Why musicians make albums…


“Hey, I’m working on a new album, should finish in a couple of months. Look for it then.”

That’s what I hear a lot of songwriters say from the stage. Heck, we just said it at last night’s gig.


Most won’t make a profit or become famous. Recording can be a lot of expensive work, and tough to get anyone to listen. What drives musicians?  I can give you my theory in one word.


Songwriters write songs. It’s what we do. Kinda like dogs stick their heads out of car windows though my dog’s too short for that. Writing songs is how we express ourselves. But once we love our song, it’s still not done. Our song’s purpose is unfulfilled until something happens. What needs to happen?

You. You need to happen.


We want someone to hear our song and not only like it, but get it. Understand it. Feel it. To find their experience in our words and music.

When that happens, our song has fulfilled its purpose.

So songwriters scribble on note pads and share very personal stuff into microphones. Stuff we normally wouldn’t tell anyone. We write and re-write, getting stuck once again on the 2nd verse lyrics. Bland melodies and cliche phrases are weeds that need pulling. Oh, and that brilliant idea that came to us in the car? Now we can’t remember it.

Finally, the song is complete.

And we record it.

We agonize to make our creations as amazing as possible. We record 50 takes and later discover the 2nd attempt was fine. When money, time, energy and patience run out, we walk away.


Almost satisfied.

Never completely.

Then we make our creations available to you, hoping you’ll click on the link. Or maybe listen in a noisy club or coffee shop.

And sometimes it happens. Our song connects.

When you, dear listener, find yourself in our song, we smile. You become the hero of our creative process.


If it happens with only one person, it’s worth it.

And so Lisa and I are recording an EP.

Now you know why.

Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.
Romans 12:15 NLT

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