Not as Fast as Johnny Cash…


I saw an old video of Johnny Cash on a TV show. After his song, he stood with his band and had a short interview with the host. 

“I hear you’re recording a new album tomorrow?”

Hold the phone. An album? In one day? Johnny confirmed. 

“Yes, we’re going into the studio to record a new album tomorrow.”

Wow, did he really work that fast? 

He kind of inspired me. We’re making an album too. But our budget is small (right around $0). Plus, we don’t have a lot of free time to get everything “just so.” Summer is the best time for us to do extra projects, but when fall comes other commitments ramp up.  

So how do we finish before our fall deadline? Do it in a single day..?  I don’t think we can pull that off, so here’s what we’re doing…

We’re making this an EP. That means 5-6 songs. 

Bam, that’s more doable right there. 

Can’t spend much? I’ve already got a laptop and some mics. Our back bedroom is the studio. Push away some laundry and move Lisa’s desk chair and viola.

A recording studio. 

Forget overdubs. Set up the mics, do a few takes, pick the best one. 

Perfection? Fugget about it. 

We love produced recordings. But if we take that route, this thing won’t see daylight for a year. For me, it would creative death to labor over the same songs that long. I’m impatient. I need to get ‘er done. 

And then move on. Write some new songs.

Our humble EP will sound just like us. If you like what you hear live, you’ll like the EP. If you don’t like us live, then…

Well, you get the gist. 

They’ll be little flaws, but hopefully a good feel. 

And it’ll get done. 

Not as fast as Johnny Cash, but pretty fast. 

2 thoughts on “Not as Fast as Johnny Cash…

  1. Well, remember your Facebook Live church service during the snow storm, and how successful and wonderful that turned out? Was that April 15? You can do it, and it will turn out great.


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