Some kind reviews from our Facebook page:

“Heartfelt, excellent presence on stage, great storytelling & lyrics, high level of musical skill with guitar and voice, beautiful voices. Engaging and interactive sing-along added to the fun. Highly recommend.”

“This duo team was awesome! They both are amazing. Saw them at the Mugshot Coffee shop in Bloomington. Loved it! Thanks for a fun evening. Will definitely come to see you again.”

“Very Harmonious blend in exceptionally challenging music! Loved it!”

“Caught their show at St James Coffee in Rochester. Wow! A delightful night of original music that reached deep into the soul, stunning vocals and detailed guitar work that brought a smile of satisfaction more than once. Thanks for a great evening.”

“Spencer and Lisa are the “real deal!” Every opportunity to enjoy the beauty, creativity and richness of their gigs is an experience to be savored. Last night at the 318 Cafe was no exception.”

“We love this new turning point in their musical adventure as the duo features primarily original compositions written by Spencer — some new, and some older. They bring a life and vibrancy to everything that is truly infectious. You cannot but help being drawn in.”

“Each gig presents a chance for audience participation. We love them and look forward to many future concerts.”

“Great music!  They are very talented and so much fun to listen to!”

“Spencer and Lisa are great! They really know how to engage the audience and thoroughly entertain.”

“Great duo! Had the privilege to see them at Mugshots in Bloomington. Great music and atmosphere! Will definitely see them again at other venues.”