One of my favorite plays is Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town.” Remember that one? It’s about how the extraordinary is found in the ordinary stuff of life, but we’re too distracted to notice. Beautiful. Here’s “Amazing Day.”

Kind of hopeful, kind of sad.. Here’s “Crumbling Down”

Life is a process of constant learning.. That got me thinking…What advice would I give to..myself? At a younger age? That question led me to write “21”.

Our first GITR video! Here’s a song about letting go of worry and moving forward. It’s called “Dry Land”.

I was checking Facebook and saw a friend posted that they entered NPR’s “Tiny Desk” contest. It’s a contest for unsigned artists to be on an episode. We love Tiny Desk (search YouTube if you’re wondering what Tiny Desk is). We looked at the NPR website and found out the deadline was two hours away, and all entries must feature a desk. That means we couldn’t use any of our videos. So we set up the camera and did this one real quick. Got registered for the contest with an hour to spare. See the desk..? Ha

Driving through Iowa last winter, we saw about a dozen cars in the ditch on the side of the freeway. The images of those cars inspired this song. Here’s “Ice on the Road”